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Dissolving a marriage can be tough. The team at Family Lawyer of Edmonton can help you navigate the major issues that arise when marriages end.

Divorce is never a DIY proposition. One mistake can have life long consequences for your finances, your relationships with your children, and for your future. Make sure you have a tough lawyer protecting your interests.

Our lawyers are experienced, focused, and have a long track record of success. We’re equally comfortable negotiating a settlement or taking a matter straight into litigation. Your best interests come first, and we don’t talk down to you. Instead, we work with you and fight for you.

How Long Does Divorce Take in Alberta?

It depends.

First, it depends on how long it takes for you and your ex to reach a settlement. If the matter goes to trial, it depends on how many cases are ahead of yours.

Most divorcing couples should plan to be involved with the process for three to 18 months.

You can reduce the amount of time spent on your divorce by keeping a cool head. Commit yourself to reasonable negotiations. Ask your lawyer what the best and worst case scenarios are given your unique situation, and aim for something in the middle. The more contentious the divorce, the longer it will take.

How Do I File for Divorce in Edmonton, Alberta?

Meet with a lawyer to discuss your options. Your lawyer will then file a Statement of Claim with the Court of Queen’s Bench. Your spouse will be served with the claim, which notifies them about the divorce action.

Your Statement of Claim will outline your initial proposed divorce settlement. If your spouse accepts the settlement, then the divorce will be uncontested. If your spouse disagrees with the division of assets, the proposed spousal support, the proposed child custody arrangements, or any other aspect of the proposed settlement then they will contest the claim. Negotiations for a settlement will then begin.

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Alberta?

It depends on how prepared you are for the divorce, how long it takes, how contentious it gets, and what your needs are. Divorce costs can range anywhere from $1700 on the low end to $24,000 on the high end.

We will work with you to make sure your legal fees are manageable.

How Do I Prepare for a Divorce in Alberta?

The first thing you’ll want to do is get all of your paperwork in one place. All your bank statements, tax records, property records, and any other record that might help your lawyers understand your assets.

Make sure you get all this paperwork organized, then bring it with you.

You should also bring a list of questions, and some idea of what you’d like to accomplish with your divorce. This will make your meetings with your lawyer far more productive.

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