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Child Support & Spousal Support

Child Support & Spousal Support

Child Support & Spousal Support

In our time, making a family is still a big challenge. So, laws were made to make the processes of marriage and divorce easier. In the past, divorce has represented one of the most complicated legal problems, these problems has spread according to many reasons like ignorance of parents in legal laws related to separation, having no pre-marital agreement, listening to advice from people with no previous experience in the legal field ( some of them might have no license to practice the profession ). We have an example of development of these laws in Edmonton city, the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. The Edmonton city legislator, in the part related to child support obligation, has created laws which guarantee the child whose parents are divorced financial rights in a way that makes him proceeds his own life after divorce with no worries about child support & spousal support. Here are some of the rules organizing this process:

1-The financial situation: After the divorce, the court looks to the financial situation of both wife and husband. If you have no children, then there will be no financial support to grant in this case, If the partner who has custody over the child can’t keep working and raise the children, then the second one may be ordered to support ( There’s an exception in the case of the child being an adult).

2-Custody request: You can ask for child custdoy ( in case of him being under 18 years old ), law has determined children into biological son, adopted son or a child that you took care of him permanently. If you married someone that has a kid and you kept supporting him financially, then you might be asked to continue in your support (know that your financial support to the child won’t stopped even if your spouse has married, it’s a legal obligation.

3-Custody process arrangement: parents can have a custody arrangement in parallel with the divorce arrangement. Officially, this application must be must be submitted by a divorce law firms in Edmonton but laws are more flexible in that specific part, so it allow you to make your own application for the court without a lawyer.

4-Payment being unfair: If you don’t agree with the payments proposed by the court, then you can ask the court to order with more suitable numbers by applying a demand to the youth and family division in your provincial court or in queen’s court bench. You can also apply a form to your province court (you can submit facts to the judge without a lawyer).

5-The queen’s court: you can hire divorce lawyers in Edmonton to apply for the queen’s court which is higher than the family court; it allows you to apply for a temporary support request to be attached with the final divorce arrangement. The awarded person’s behavior must match the federal child support & spousal support guidelines, for more information in Edmonton call 780-415-0404.

6-Process of support: all support orders are executed by law enforcement program in Alberta province but this program doesn’t have the authority to enforce obligations or agreements between separated parents, it’s an inherent right of the court.


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