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Child Visitation

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Child Visitation

This is one of the most challenging and stressful experience you can go through during your divorce. It mainly involves dividing time between you and your spouse so that each of you gets to see your children. This however only applies if you have minors. With minors, I mean children who have not yet reached the legal age to be defined as adults. Child custody battles usually bring the worst in people so make sure you maintain your cool and focus on what is good for your child. Child visitation is usually supervised by a state elected social worker who regularly checks the relationship you have with your child and also what type of environment you put your child in. It usually takes 2 to 3 months for the supervised visitation. Below are some hints you should use to ensure you win the child custody and also give what’s appropriate for your child.

  • Consult; seek legal aid if possible. You can just ping good divorce lawyers near me on your browser and you will be able to get a list of some good lawyers to defend you. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you understand how they function and how they will handle your case. You can ask them about their experiences in family law and the outcomes of some of their cases. If you live in Alberta for example, you are very lucky as there are good divorce law firms in Edmonton where you can acquire a good lawyer. If you have any questions about the child visitation and how you should go about it, ask your lawyer. DO not just guess as this may be the determinant of whether you get the custody rights or not.
  • Follow the Law; make sure that you understand the laws as stated by the court concerning visitation. Do not relocate with the children so that they may not see your ex, this can even land you jail time so be very careful.
  • Be a Good Parent; this is paramount and what is mainly considered by the social worker who represents the court. Make sure that you are providing a loving stable environment fit for the children. You should keep in mind that the problems you are having concerning your divorce, are not your children’s problems. Always avoid discussing the custody case to your child. Also, avoid pitting the child against the other parent. Yes, it may cost you and yes, it may cause you great emotional suffering but you have to be strong. There is no pain that lasts forever, do not accumulate anger within yourself as this may not be healthy to both you and the child or children. With Edmonton divorce lawyers, you are able to get a bang for your buck. The lawyers offer a professional service that ensures you win the court battle.
  • Mediate; going to court should actually be your last option as it is very time consuming and also spends a lot of your money. You can hire a mediator outside or within the court who will help you and your spouse come to an agreement pertaining to your child visitation rights.
  • Be strong and be the bigger person. DO not hold grudges and always make sure you do what is appropriate for your children as the children are tomorrow’s future.


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