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A child custody battle is one of the most stressful yet important things that can occur in your married life. Everybody loves their kids, it’s coded in their DNA, so everyone wants to be with their children. During a divorce, it makes it hard for one to properly see their children on a daily basis as most probably the couple have separated and thus live in different locations. Child custody battles in court are done to decide who keeps the children for a specific duration of time or even in some cases, forever. Below are tips you should employ so that you get your child.

  • DO not do illegal stuff; During the determination of custody rights, a social worker employed by the state is usually sent to see how you relate with your child. This is definitely not the best time to have your bong’s or vapes hanging around as it may not be a good indication of a good parent. If you reside in Alberta, there are some good divorce lawyers in Edmonton that can give you advice and also provide you a strategy so that you get the custody rights. There has been a lot of cases where spouses have left the country with their children so that the other spouse may not see them. This is considered illegal if there is a court order in place and can land you serious jail time as there is a law against custodial interference.
  • Do unto others what you would like to be done unto you; just because your spouse, has filed for divorce and is seeking the end of your ten-year marriage should not be the reason for you spreading hate to your children that is aimed at the spouse. This can be used in court against you. Therefore, you should not discuss the custody proceedings with your children. Though they may have a lot of questions, be careful on how you answer them as your words can be used against you.
  • Be a decent human being; divorce complicated with a custody battle usually brings out the worst in people. Even though you are hurt and may have a lot of questions in mind, take heart, move on and make sure you find a way to make the situation good for your children. Do not seek revenge as most acts of anger usually end up in disappointment and tears. Follow the rules as given by the court and most of all, do not withhold visitation or child support. Even if the divorce has cost you your job, at least try and pay something when it comes t child support. If your spouse has asked for part of your visitation time, make sure you mark it on the calendar so that if the spouse was to compensate the time and he/she fails, you can use that in court against them and win the custody.
  • Find a good lawyer. As I have mentioned above, a case example for those living in Alberta, there are a lot of good divorce lawyers in Edmonton that can help you during these trying times. These lawyers can be found in established divorce law firms in Edmonton. Make sure you get the one who has the most experience and is highly reputable. Good luck and remember, things will get better, time will heal your wounds. You can easily ping divorce lawyers near me on your browser and you will get some options with which you can choose from. Edmonton lawyer costs depend on the lawyer you are choosing. This should also be a factor that should be considered when choosing a lawyer.


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