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Understanding the Divorce Process

Divorce can be very stressful; it can also take up a lot of your time and money mainly when the divorce has been taken to court. With a good strategy, however, you can ensure that your divorce takes the minimum time ever so that you may continue following your daily routine. It won’t be the same though without your other spouse at your side but you should keep in mind that things will get better. Pain is only temporary, be strong during this period and have faith that you will have the rights after the divorce. If you reside in Alberta for example, I would recommend that you to get an experienced divorce lawyer in Edmonton that will ensure you have your rights considered. These lawyers can be found at divorce law firms in Edmonton.

People mainly focus on how their relationship was, what you could have done to change the situation a most of the people always end up seeking revenge. This is not advisable however, you should take steps to move on from the relationship and continue with your life. A divorce does not mean that your life has ended.

As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you have a good strategy and a good way to execute it, you will have a less stressful time during this divorce phase. Before you form your strategy you must first understand the divorce process.

The Process

    • It usually starts when one spouse is unhappy in the marriage, this may be due to various reasons but the most prevalent is the fact that the other spouse has cheated. This conflicted spouse then files for the divorce. In movies, ‘getting served’ is a phrase that is popularly used when one is being served divorce papers. This is where having a good divorce lawyer comes to help as he/she should provide you with the proper route to take to handle the bad situation.
    • Both spouses then sit down and discuss the four primary topics of divorce. These topics are; child custody, child support, dividing net-worth and alimony. If you can reach an agreement with your better half or ex, you will not necessarily have to go to court.
  • The Four topics
  • You should first consider resolving these four topics without going to court as the latter takes up a lot of your time and money. Couples can eliminate some of these topics when it comes to their divorce, for example, if you do not have children, there will be no need for paying for child support or discussing custody. If you have children who are adults, custody may not also apply when it comes to your divorce.
  • If you have minors, on the other hand, the child custody issue is mainly resolved by a state social worker who does an evaluation on how you treat your kids; this should take a period of 2 to 3 months. For child support, the amount to be paid is determined by the number of children you have, your income and also there is a percentage of money that is provided by the state of which you should pay. In net-worth dividing, your assets are subtracted from your debts; this number will be your net-worth. This net-worth is then divided between you and your spouse. For Alimony, it only applies if you and your spouse to not get equal amounts of income. The highest and lowest income will be subtracted; the result will be the income gap. The greater the income gap, the higher the alimony. For those living in Alberta for example, you should be able to get divorce settlement in Edmonton if you have an experienced lawyer. Do a quick ping of divorce lawyers near me to get some options.
  • Once all primary points are settled and both you and your spouse sign the agreement, you are legally declared single and divorced. Ready to mingle.


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