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Family law


Family law

Quick Advice;

  • Going through a divorce can be really stressful and depressing. People are always hesitant to hire a divorce lawyer even when things are going okay with their spouses. This is mainly because they don’t know family law and may fear what the spouse will think of them when they get the lawyer and also they may fear the money they will have to spend on the lawyer.
  • These fears may be true depending on how your situation is, but also you should keep in mind that if and when your spouse files for a divorce, you will need to face these fears head-on. So why not just get that lawyer so that you get the mental security? As I said, divorce is usually stressful so a lot will be in your mind during that time. If you reside in Edmonton for example, there are a lot of good divorce lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta that will ensure you get off the divorce.
  • You should also note that having a divorce lawyer does not necessarily mean that your marriage is ending, it is just a form of security, like having insurance. The outcome of your divorce will change the course of your life, so it is your responsibility to find an experienced lawyer. You can do a quick ping on google using the keywords; divorce lawyers near me and you will get a range of lawyers who can help you.
  • Interview 2 to 3 lawyers before deciding who is going to represent you. You should find a lawyer that offers good rates, is good at his job and also has a personality that you can relate well with.

Questions To Ask a Potential Divorce Lawyer

  • How long have you practiced family law? You should get to know for how long the lawyer has done family law when it comes to divorce. The one with huge experience who have yielded positive results should be at the forefront of your list.
  • How much do you charge? You should get to know the retainer you are supposed to pay the lawyer. This will enable you to budget your funds well. You should ask him/her, the initial fee that should be paid and will it be a contract. Will he/she charge you per hour? You should also find out the billing terms and what it is exactly you are paying the lawyer to do.
  • Approximately, how much will the divorce cost? You should ask the lawyer to provide an approximated amount of how much the divorce could cost. You should also ask the lawyer the expected outcomes you are likely to experience after the divorce.
  • What is your experience with divorce? Get to know what percentage of cases he/she has taken to court and how they faired. You should choose a lawyer who has a smaller percentage as this will imply that he/she has good negotiating skills and thus there will be no need for a long tedious court procedure. You should know then if the lawyer is willing to take the divorce to court if the divorce cannot be handled by other terms.
  • Look for a good lawyer who has a good reputation and most of all, is honest so that you do not get unexpected results.


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