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Divorce Ranchers Lawyer in Edmonton

If you are a rancher going through a divorce, you are at the right place. Our law firm is one of the best in the whole of Alberta and will offer you the best lawyer you can have.

Who Are We?

We know for a rancher, divorce can become very messy. As most of the assets that any rancher owns are either land or necessaries to carry out his work, asset division during a divorce is very difficult.

Do not worry, and our organization is one of the leading in Edmonton. We have a fantastic team of highly talented lawyers. We understand that dismantling a family is a painful experience. The experience becomes worse with the involvement of legal issues.

At such a crucial time, anyone must have a reliable lawyer who can protect the remaining assets one has. Situations can go out of hand and become very ugly.

However, we can assure you that the Ranchers of Edmonton do not need to worry about that. You can contact us, and we will assign one of our lawyers who have the strongest suit in your particular situation.

What Do We Do?

While going through a divorce is a painful and ugly experience on its own, a rancher thing can get extra tricky. We know we cannot take away the emotional damage caused by a divorce.

However, we surely know that our team has the confidence that they can handle anything thrown in our way with prior comprehensive experiences of handling family cases.

Starting from passed down permanent land to volatile income, our lawyers deal with all of it. As negotiation is the key reason behind these cases’ success, we only hire family lawyers who have excellent negotiation skills.

One thing is essential that will ensure the outcome of a case, and that is transparency. We expect our clients to be cent percent honest with us. If you walk through us honestly about what has happened and what situation you are in, our help will be beneficial.

Why Are We the Primary Choice?

One of the many reasons why we are the prime choice is our location. As we are located at the heart of Alberta, it is easier for people from all over Alberta to come to us. Besides, we have a team with decades of experience. There is nothing much out there that our lawyers haven’t done or seen before.

Thus, no matter how terrible your situation is, our lawyer can indeed make a way out for you. We realize all this can be very hard, so we try to provide our services at the most reasonable price possible.

What Resources Do We Have to Provide the Best Service?

For any law firm, the best resource it can have is its lawyers. Experienced lawyers are invaluable for a law firm. We have lawyers with decades of experience in family cases, and more importantly, they have handled a wide range of cases. Now, there are some of the segments which are very crucial for a rancher’s divorce but are smoothly handled by our lawyers.

     A. Passed Down Assets

In Alberta, lands or assets you have owned from your family line aren’t for division with your partner. Thus, you can relax if your farms or fields are on lands that you got your family legacy.

However, things can become tricky if your land was gifted to you by your family as a wedding gift. In that case, your ex-partner might raise an issue.

Our attorneys have dealt with cases like this before gallantly. If you are in trouble because your family land was given to you as a wedding gift, do not worry. Our lawyers can help you.

     B. Ranching Tools

This might sound a bit unjustified, but your ex-partner has the right to any tool you have come in possession of after getting married. Thus, while getting divorced, you will have to divide all those tools.

Division of tools will stand as a massive setback for your work as you will need those tools to keep your work going even after divorce.

In this situation, you will have to properly walk through your lawyer (that you have selected from our firm) about the things you need. Hence, your lawyer will come up with a way to secure the tools you need badly.

     C. Loans

Like ranching tools, loans are also the burden of a couple, no matter who takes the loan after marriage. If you are not willing to give up on any of your assets, there is a high probability your ex-partner will not share the burden of the loan.

However, our lawyers have an excellent track record of negotiating loans between the couple even after they split up, irrespective of what assets they get. Dividing loans can be highly beneficial for you if you can protect all your assets. Our lawyers have done that before.

    D. Volatile Income

Ranchers rarely have a stable income. Therefore, a fixed support amount can become a burden for the rancher sometimes. That is why our lawyers always bargain for a profit percentage, which is not very difficult to carry out in the future.

A rancher who is going through a divorce must need a strong family lawyer. As mentioned above, things can get tricky, and they will need someone with excellent negotiating skills.

Our firm has the best of Alberta’s family lawyers. If, unfortunately, you are going through with something like this, contact us today. We will try to reduce the burdens as much as possible legally. Hopefully, you will have a better life once you get over the situation.