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Parental Alienation Alberta

Parental Alienation Alberta

Separation can affect parents as well as children, especially when couples are going through a breakdown. So several questions arise like, what will happen to the child’s future, education and custody. In this regard, parental alienation can save the child from ultimate disaster.

So what is parental alienation in Canada, and how does the law protect the child’s best interest?

This article will get to know everything about parental alienation in Alberta (the rule is quite similar for other states).

So, let’s move on!

What is Parental Alienation in Alberta?

There are situations where one parent manipulates a child to reject another parent; this is known as parental alienation.

There are many reasons for parental alienation, and in most cases, one parent does this to harm the other one.

The alienating one can create hatred towards the other parent in a child’s heart. Eventually, the child starts hating the parent and alienates them more.

Children faces threat from separation and the family law helps them from parental alienation in Alberta. While parents apply for custody, the court decides to think of a child’s best interest.

Also, the court helps indecisive parents or children who refuse to live with someone. Such cases are prevalent in parental alienation.

If both the parents meet a child regularly, it isn’t parental alienation. Some common ways to alienate a parent are:

  1. Showing a parent as negative
  2. Talking about divorce or separation
  3. Making a child feel at fault for the other parent.

Effects of Parental Alienation

While you are getting separated from your partner, it may harm your child as well.

Many parents don’t understand that parental alienation mentally affects a child, and the damage is tough to recover. A child facing parental alienation spoils their relationships in adulthood.

Some effects are:

  • Having panic attacks
  • Having suicidal thoughts
  • Getting into addiction
  • Having low confidence.

Signs of Parental Alienation

Did you ever try to understand whether you’re going through parental alienation? Yes, you might, but you need to think attentively.

Some signs that show parental alienation through a child behaviour are as follow:

  • Rejects you
  • Criticizes you
  • Ignores you
  • Fears staying with you
  • Feels guilt losing you

Is Parental Alienation Against the Law in Alberta?

Alberta government acknowledged many situations of parental alienation. They believe that it has dangerous effects on a child’s brain. In addition, it is better when a child has both their parents near them.

The Alberta government has a law that says that a child needs to have both parents until they face any difficulty. If you separate with your partner, you need to have child custody from the court.

By any chance, breaking the custody law may create an obstacle for you to lose custody.

How Do You Prove Parental Alienation?

It takes a while to understand that you’re going through parental alienation. However, when you know, you can easily prove parental alienation.

Some ways to prove parental alienation are:

  1. Keep your records
  2. Keep your evidence
  3. Identify your witness.

Let’s see the ways to prove them!

Keep Your Records

You can keep records of conversations with the other parent. Text messages or voice records are the best documents that can help you.

Additionally, you can always ask to meet your child so, if your ex-partner denies it, it will stay as a document. If your child mentions anything against you, you can keep the record with the comment, time, and date.

It is better to take pictures when you meet your child because it will help in the long run. An image quickly shows or proves the relationship you have with your child.

Keep Your Evidence

If your ex-partner posts or comments against you, you can keep the screenshots as a piece of evidence. In such cases, your friends or family can help you if you aren’t on their list.

Moreover, it is a better option to check your child’s profile regularly. They might post or comment which your ex is saying against you.

Identify Your Witness

Witnesses are essential, and they can be anyone living around you. They might come across situations where they feel your child doesn’t have the same feeling for you.

Some witnesses are family members, teachers, friends, etc. Being under oath forces people to tell the truth even if they support your ex.

How Do I Sue for Parental Alienation in Alberta?

If you feel parental alienation, immediately file a complaint.

The steps to sue for parental alienation in Alberta are:

  1. Gather your information
  2. Ask for therapy
  3. Take your case to court

Let’s move on to the details!

Gather Your Information

As you feel alienated, there is evidence that you already own. Some proof is going against you. So, gather your evidence and records to show them to your lawyer.

Ask for Therapy

One therapy is reunification, and it helps families to reunite their relationship. If you face parental alienation, it will help your child and you to communicate and have a better relationship.

After the court orders and your preference, you need to choose how to build your relationship with your child.

Take Your Case to Court

The final step to stop parental alienation is taking your case to court. It can create problems if the matter gets out of hand.

If you can prove yourself as a victim of parental alienation, the court will bring your child away from the other.

Top 3 Tips to Fight Parental Alienation

You can find many cases in Alberta which show parental alienation can affect a child’s brain. They might suffer from depression, eating disorders, anger issues, etc.

The top 3 tips to fight parental alienation are:

  1. Write your journal
  2. Visit your counsellor
  3. Try to communicate.

When you write a journal, you can always mention the date and time of your ex blocking your access.

Additionally, you can take professional help by visiting a counsellor. They will always help you to understand situations that you are suffering.

Lastly, it would be best if you tried to communicate. Even if the other parent is stopping you, you need to show your effort to communicate with the child. Don’t forget you can send requisitions through emails and messages to meet your child.


Losing a child is always frustrating. Nevertheless, parental alienation is a common situation in Alberta – both for the parent and child.

Hence, it is wise to stay calm and handle situations properly. Taking the help of a counsellor and lawyer, you can eventually make better decisions.

However, being angry and reacting with your ex can create a mess. Your ex-partner will get a chance to use those evidence against you.

So, it would be best to leave the case on professionals before it gets tough to show that you are the victim of parental alienation.