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Child Custody and The Holidays During COVID-19


Child custody and the holidays during COVID-19 is being a vital topic for the past few months. Usually, even after divorce, a child can stay with both father and mother, but separately for an interval of time. However, in this pandemic situation, everything has been disrupted.

One parent does not want to send the child to the other parent due to safety issues. But as Christmas is coming, it is an awaiting moment for another parent to meet his child after a long time. So, what to do in this messy situation?

Do not be panic and consult this matter with your family lawyer. Before that, you can also take some steps. To know those in detail, keep reading.

Child Custody and The Holidays During COVID-19

Things become very easy when a whole family lives together. The problem arises when there is a divorce or separation in the family. In this case, the worst sufferer is the child(ren). Despite having the interest to live with both the parents in every moment, they have to sacrifice their will.

It is also impossible to celebrate any occasion together.

Suppose, if the child is with his mother during the “Thanksgiving” ceremony, then on “New Year Day,” he will be with his father. Again, if he is with his mother on “Christmas Eve,” he will be with his father on “Christmas Day.”

But during the past few months, the situation is different. The whole world is going through a pandemic situation, which is very much dangerous for children. Generally, children have low immunity than adults. So, it will not be wise to send your children to another place even if their co-parent wants.

You can write an e-mail or message to your ex-partner about this proposal. If he still denies, you can take your family solicitor’s help as the children’s health concern comes first. The written document of the mail will be solid evidence for you.

Below are some points to look at before considering your child to send to another home or state.

Revise Parenting Plans

It is essential to revise the parenting plans now and then to make any necessary changes. The co-parents should communicate and share decisions in this regard. But if one guardian makes the wrong decision to change the current plan, it is high time to take the law’s help.

Suppose, during these holidays, it is time to send your child to his father, but your ex-partner is not taking the virus seriously. In this situation, you obviously cannot allow your child to go there. So, as a mother, you must review the parenting plans as soon as possible.

Ensuring The Safety

According to law, one parent cannot deny another parent to meet the children as they have the same right over their offspring. But when the topic is about the children’s safety, you indeed have to take the necessary steps.

During the first few months of COVID-19, people were very serious, but now as the days pass, everyone is taking it usually. Some also stop using masks, face shields, sanitizers and go wherever they like without any concern. This will not only affect him but also the people around him.

If your ex-partner is also showing the same attitude, you can restrict the other parent’s contact through a court application. Instead, the child can communicate over video calls through Zoom, Google Meet, and many more applications.

Open Discussion With Children

Make your child(ren) concern about the virus properly, including its outcome. This situation is entirely new to us, so to the children. But, if they are told about the precaution, it will be easy for them to get used to it early.

Also, make them understand the advantages of not leaving the existing resident as we never know the other place’s real condition. Now the world has become a global village. So, we can easily communicate with the person, even living in a remote area. Make your child communicate with the other parent over the audio or video call.

Like this, none of them will miss each other. Also, give your child assurance of meeting his other parent when everything gets safe and normal. Tell them like nothing is permanent, so these bad days are also temporary, and better days are coming soon.

What Precautions Should be Taken for Child During COVID-19

After you have known how child custody and holidays during COVID-19 are related to each other, it is now essential to learn how to keep your child safe in this pandemic. Usually, children and older people are more likely to affect diseases quickly because of low immunity. That is why special care should be taken for them.

It is always better to take precautions as “Precaution is better than cure.” So, if you are a new parent, the below points will help you a lot.

  • Make sure that your child wears a mask whenever they step out of the home.
  • Tell them the importance of sanitization before and after eating or using the washroom.
  • Avoid going to crowded places with your children.
  • Make them wear hand gloves so that they can throw those in the dustbin after coming from outside.
  • Alert them of the cons of touching eyes, nose, and mouth whenever they are outside.
  • Make them the habit of washing hands with handwash to kill most of the germs.
  • Give them a glass of hot milk or water every evening to kill any internal germs.

To Conclude

The whole world is going through a pandemic situation. All are ready for the war, but the enemy is invisible. In this case, the only way to keep ourselves safe is by staying at home as much as possible. We never know via which substance it can get in contact with us.

The situation may become more worst if there is any child in the home. Therefore, in this article, we have given detailed information about child custody and the holidays during COVID-19 to make you aware if you are separated from your partner. Hope so, you and your child will be safe and sound in the middle of this war.

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