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Common Reasons for Step Parent Adoption [Procedure]

Common Reasons for Step Parent Adoption

Adaption means the legal accomplishment of all parents’ commitments and affections over the adopted child and vice versa. Step-parent adoption mostly happens when the bio parents get separated or dead.

However, the biological parents might marry someone else to make their children adopted by someone trusted. Both familial and nonfamilial people can be step-parents. Here we will outline some of the reasons behind it and the process of claiming the adoption.

What is Stepparent Adoption?

Stepparent adoption is the process of adopting someone as a guardian in a legal way. The child who adopts is not his or her biological child. It is basically a popular form of the relative adoption process. This means to become a child’s step parents related to them by blood or other relation like marriage.

Step-parent adoption is similar to relative adoption, but it means far more than that. It basically comprises adopting a child, born from a marital parent. An adopted child normally possesses equal rights to get the same legal privileges and rights as a bio child.

The rights include property laws, inheritance, custody, parent’s surname, criminal law, and other child supports. In this process, step-parents get the legal custody of parental rights, and biological parents lose parental rights.

They become the noncustodial parents of the adopted child. After adoption, birth parents still have the visiting and talking rights over their children.

Conditions You Can be A Step-Parent or Step-Child

Throughout the world, every human being possesses the freedom to live and love whomever they like. Maybe there are valid reasons behind their decision or perhaps not. This adoption is something like that.

You can adopt a stepchild if you want. But most of the cases, there are some valid reasons behind the adoption process. It might be because of the child’s legal protection or might be a mere legal occasion like marriage. The major reasons behind the adoption process include –

  • If the biological parents of a child make any offense like negligence or abuse, you can adopt the child. It will save the child from a terrible relationship with its bio parents and get a secure life.
  • When you have adopted a child, you get the child’s full legal rights because adaption provides that authority to control and promote their children correctly. The adopted child can never question it, and he or she is bound to obey their guidance.
  • You can prevent the possibility of incest relationships among siblings through an adaption procedure.
  • Property and other issues might create jealousy and other problems when there are biological children besides stepchildren. In that case, adoption makes the entire thing easier because it specifies the equality of rights between bio and stepchildren.
  • Adopting property and physical security ensures mental and psychological security among parents and children. They understand and believe in their choices.
  • The death of your step child’s biological parents might be one of the most valid reasons for adoption. Adoption solidifies your relationship with your stepchild legally.

When You Can Not Adopt A Step Child/Parent

Everything in this world has its own positive and negative sides. If there is no darkness, you will never understand the importance of light ever. Similarly, there are some bitter realities why you should not adopt your stepchild. Such reasons involve—

  • If the biological parents of the child are alive while adoption, give it a rethink. Adoption means a permanent bonding among you and your child. Besides, your child will maintain a relationship, less strong than you thought, with its bio parents. Think about whether you can accept the fact easily or not.
  • Are you thinking of adoption as a cure for sibling’s jealousy? You’re mistaken then. It is not at all a permanent solution for jealousy. It might ease the situation a bit but arise so many other issues too.
  • Before adopting a stepchild, think about your relationship with your partner very well. If there is any possibility of your partner’s death within a short period, you should stop. If your relationship is not going healthy, do not go for it. Break up, or death of your partners might create problems in child adaption.
  • Another hideous thing is the adoption of step-parents through a contest. It puts many other parents into scrutiny and is harmful to the parents and the child both.

Procedures of Step-Parent Adoption

It is one of the most popular and easy forms of adoption all over the world. It happens relatively faster, but there are slight differences between the familial and nonfamilial adoption process. If you and your partner are familial relatives of the stepchild, there might not so much exhaustiveness.

If you are nonfamilial, you have to go through a long time investment and history checking process. The adopted child might also go through this process. This investigation will ensure whether you are fit for the child or not.

But if your stepchild is already living with you, you might not face any complicated legal issues. The best thing is to adopt step-parents among family relations. In this adoption process, both the bio parents and step-parents have to give their valuable consent.

Moreover, the child’s consent is also very important. If the child is too little to give its consent, it is not needed. However, if the child is above ten to fourteen years old, consent is a must.


So, finally, you have the whole idea about the stepparent adoption. If you are planning to adopt a stepchild, you can overview the entire thing. The reasons for not adopting should also be considered before taking any steps. After all, You must ensure equal rights to your stepchild.

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