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Protecting Your Wills with the Help of Wills Lawyers


Protecting your wills with the help of wills lawyers, have you ever thought about this? Read this article and hopefully, you will understand the facts. A will is a legal document that states what will happen to your possessions after your death. So the will is only at effect after you’re no longer alive, and once you are dead, the will can serve your last wish to allocate your resources as you legally wanted them to be.

However, many Canadian adults do not have intentions, and this makes it problematic to choose beneficiaries of someone’s money, real estate, and possession. Everything is distributed according to the law of the government.

So, it is intelligent to have a will before you die, and a will lawyer can be your best friend in this matter. A wills lawyer can also be a probate lawyer who writes and protects your last will. These lawyers are necessarily not financial experts but have a fiduciary duty to follow the wish of the clients.

Roles of Wills Lawyers

A will can smoothen the allocation of his possessions after he has passed away. A will lawyer can assist and guide in this manner. The roles that a wills lawyer plays in the life of decedent are as follows:

  • Offering legal counsel
  • Determining the state of mind of the deceased person when signing the will
  • Defending or challenging wills
  • Guiding on decedent’s bills and debts payments
  • Preparation and filing of court documents
  • Managing the money and bank of the decedent
  • Keeping all the assets of the decedent secured
  • Processing and filing renunciation to the court

Types of Wills Lawyers

There are 2 types of probate and wills lawyers, depending on the type of case they carry out. One is a Transactional Probate Lawyer, and another one is a Probate Litigator. Although most wills and probate lawyers carry out both types of cases, it is wise to choose one who specializes in a particular field.

Transactional Probate Lawyer

A transactional probate lawyer is someone who deals with the administrative activities related to the will. It is recommended to choose a transactional probate lawyer when the decedent has passed away recently, and they will process needs to be started immediately. It is wise to select an experienced estate planner as a transactional probate lawyer.

Probate Litigator

On the other hand, a probate litigator is a wills lawyer who represents clients in probate cases. These lawyers help solve disputes and disagreements regarding the will in court. These lawyers are recommended to bring any change in the will and in scenarios when a client expects to face legal battles regarding the will in the future in court.

Lawyers for Wills

Several law firms provide services of wills and estate through their experienced, reputed, and a huge number of specific practiced lawyers. Some individual lawyers are also reputed in wills laws.

Law Merchant Group

Law merchant is a law firm that was founded after 2000 and has been working ever since on cases of wills and estates works that include estate planning and litigation. The lawyers of the firm are incredibly experienced and recognized for their capabilities in litigation and wills laws.

The firm has lawyers who are fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers and Academician of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law and lawyers who are extensively experienced in litigation at all levels of courts. Lawyers in the firm are Karon Bales, partner Kristine Anderson, Jessica Feldman, and associate Alex Turner.


Dying without a proper will means that all your resources are distributed in accordance with the provincial laws, which might not be in the best interest of you. Your loved and closed ones may even be deprived of their rights in situations like this.

Also, maintaining up-to-date will is essential to distribute wealth according to your preference, need, and peace of mind, which, after your death, resolves family stress and tension. And the best people to assist and guide you according to your wish are the wills lawyers.

So, it is highly recommended to have a lawyer for your will to get rid of the extra burden of haphazard possession after you pass away.